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A student council is organized at the international medical faculty. Members of the student council are students of the 1-5th year of the international faculty who have high academic performance, success in the scientific, cultural and social life of the university. The Student Council is an element of the faculty’s autonomy and is designed to strengthen students' motivation for self-realization in various areas of student life, academic, scientific, creative, sports and social. The student council consists of the following structural units:

• Science sector. Head - DHARMENDRA SINGH

• The cultural sector. Head - Swami Nikhil, DHARMPAL BAJIYA

• Sports sector. Head - SINGH RAJAT

• Information sector. Head - CHOUDHARY SUNIL

• Student asset of the 7th hostel. Head - Haritwal Mahendra Singh

• Student asset of the 2nd hostel. Head - Faujdar Saurabh

• Student asset of the 3rd hostel. Head – NARENDRA CHOUDHARY

• Headman of the 5th year- Vaidya Ashish (5020)

• Headman of the 4th year - Deepak Yadav (4006)

• Headman of the 3rd year - Sanjay Kumawat (3016)

• Headman of the 2nd year- Abhishek Kumar Singh (2004)

• Headman of the 1st course- Rohit Baloda (1016)

The student council president is Rameshwar Lal Kuri. Vice president Mahesh Chowdhary.