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Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan (program and target financing).

1.  AP08857386 “Immunological aspects of neonatal sepsis”. Supervisor –Akhmaltdinova L.L., Candidate of Medical Sciences, 2020–2022.

2.  AP08957527 “Prognostic assessment of the influence of clinical and genetic factors on the risk of development and the nature of the course of the disease in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage”. Supervisor –Tursynov N. I., Associate Professor, Ph.D.,2020–2021.

3.  AP08956335 “Detection of bacterial translocation biomarkers in early diagnosis of inflammatory infections”. Supervisor – Turgunov Ye.M., Professor, Doctor of Medical sciences, 2020–2021.

4.  ИРНAP08956260 “Development of the composition and technology of original herbal medicines for the treatment and prevention of Helicobacter pylori – associated diseases”. Supervisor – Ivasenko S.A., Professor,Doctor of Pharmacology, 2020–2021.

5.  ИРНAP09058465 “Evaluation of the provision of adequate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in rural health facilities in Karaganda oblast for an effective response to the COVID–19 pandemic”. Supervisor – Omarova A.O., PhD, 2021–2023.

6.  ИРНAP09260173 “Adaptive educational environment as a condition for developing flexible skills of students and ensuring continuity of schooling”. Supervisor – Ricklefs V.P., Candidate of Medical Sciences, 2021–2023.

7.  ИРНAP09259923 “Identification of negative effects of complex complex of non–ionizing radiation on the human body (medical personnel)”. Supervisor – Ibrayeva L.K., Professor, Doctor of Medical sciences, 2021–2023.

8.  ИРНAP09259123 “SARS–CoV–2 detection in nasal strokes using MALDI–MS and machine learning techniques”. Supervisor – Kadyrova I.A., PhD, 2021–2023.

9.  ИРНAP09260597 “Prognosis of bacterial translocation markers as predictors of infectious and inflammatory complications in acute mechanical intestinal obstruction”. Supervisor – Turgunov Ye.M., Professor, Doctor of Medical sciences, 2021–2023.

10.  ИРНAP09260954 “Prognosis of bacterial translocation markers as predictors of infectious and inflammatory complications in acute mechanical intestinal obstruction”. Supervisor –Kamyshansky E.K PhD, 2021–2023.

11.  ИРНAP09260486 “Development of the Kazakh language in the historical–linguistic aspect (on the material of the dictionary of al–Zamakhari «Mukaddimat al–adab» (XII in.))”. Supervisor – Zhalmakhanov Sh.Sh. Professor, Doctor of Philology, 2021–2023.

12.  ИРНAP09562096 “Assessment of the consequences of SARS–CoV–2 infection in the structure of neurological diseases”. Supervisor – Klyuev D.A., Candidate of Medical Sciences, 2021 year.

13.  ИРНAP09562567 “Development of the production of a new antimicrobial and anticaries dental gel based on common chokehold”. Supervisor – Atazhanova G.A., Professor, Doctor of chemical sciences, 2021year.

14. National program for the introduction of personalized and preventive medicine in the Republic of Kazakhstan.Supervisor - Turmukhambetova A.A.  –Doctor of Medical Sciences

Clinical Research

1.  Multi–center clinical study of the original medicinal preparation “Arghlabin” in the complex therapy of breast cancer at an increased dose. Customer – Joint–stock company «International Scientific–Production Holding «Fitochimia», Karaganda. Supervisor – Sirota V.B., Doctor of Medical sciences, Professor.

2.  Safety evaluation of the use of xenogenic biological coating "X–GRAFT" in the complex therapy of local burns and post–burn wounds. Customer – LTO "X–Matrix", Nur–Sultan. Supervisor – Tuleubayev B.E., Candidate of Medical Sciences.

3.  BTL 6000 SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM Noninvasive Therapy Analgesia Efficacy. Customer – BTL Industries Company, Jsc. Supervisor – Sheveleva N.I., Professor, Doctor of Medical sciences.

Economic program

1.  Antimicrobial research and antifungal activity of new biologically active substances. Customer – NCJSC “KMU”, Karaganda. Supervisor – Akhmetova S.B., Candidate of Medical Sciences.

2.  Development of effective methods for the synthesis of azole compounds based on natural substances with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. NJSC "Karaganda Technical University", Karaganda. Scientific supervisor - Akhmetova S.B. Candidate of Medical Sciences

International grants

1.  Research on risk factors for coronavirus disease (COVID–19) among medical personnel: case–control protocol, Republic of Kazakhstan. Customer – World Health Association Country Office, Kazakhstan. Supervisor – Turmukhambetova A.A., Doctor of Medical sciences, 2021 year.

2.  TIPH Global Grant Program от ASPPH (Assosiation of Schools of Public Health). Customer – Assosiation of Schools of Public Health. Supervisor – Omarova A.O., PhD, 2021 year.