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School of Communication Skills

School of Communication Skills


The School of Communication Skills Development was organized in January 2021 and is part of the Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies of the NCJSC "Karaganda  Medical University".

The purpose of the School is to provide a safe educational environment for teaching clinical communication skills, providing students with the opportunity to develop, maintain and improve communication competencies and lifelong learning abilities.

School of Communication Skills Development was created within the framework of the Erasmus+ program  as a part of the 619037-EPP project-1-2020-1- EL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP "FOstering the doctoR of the 21st century: education for patient-centered communication" (FOR21). Currently, the area of the School for the Development of Communication Skills is 54.9 square meters (2 classrooms) equipped with the necessary educational equipment (projector, interactive screen, computers, tablets, desks, chairs). The classrooms are equipped with video cameras to monitor the organization of the educational process and the Internet network.

The main tasks of the School:

1.  Organization and implementation of integrated training and teaching of clinical communication skills using various active teaching methods and the resources of the center.

2.  Development of communication skills and patient-centered approach.

3.  Formation of self-directed learning skills.

School staff:

Director – Kemelova Gulshat


Chief Specialist – Aimbetova Dinara


Methodist – Isataeva Zhanar 


Technical specialist – Bostanova Zhuldyz



Saparova Aruna


Timakhovich Marina


Khalmuradova Symbat