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Welcome to the «Medical University of Karaganda» Non-commercial joint-stock company!

Our university was established in 1950 and it is the leading medical university in Kazakhstan for the training of qualified personnel for the health care system; it has a high reputation in the provision of educational, scientific, medical and diagnostic services.

Currently, the university implements multilevel training of specialists: bachelor’ degree program, postgraduate (master's, residency, doctoral studies) and additional education. Training is carried out in the state, Russian and English languages. There are more than six thousand students at the university. Our graduates successfully work in Kazakhstan, countries of near and far abroad.

Highly qualified teachers are working at the university, including 22 academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences, Academy of Medical Sciences, Academy of Military Sciences, National Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, International Academy of Informatization, Eurasian International Academy of Sciences, 56 doctors of sciences, 31 PhD doctors, 169 candidates of sciences and 129 specialists with a master's degree.

The quality of education and research is ensured by a high level of infrastructure, namely : 7 educational buildings with classrooms, some of them are equipped with interactive equipment,  scientific library with reading rooms and an electronic library hall,  Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies with high-tech simulators and mannequins,  Research Center and Shared Use Laboratory, Research Sanitary and Hygienic Laboratory, 6 hostels, 57 clinical bases, 476 bases for professional practice in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, Medical University Clinic, Dental Clinic, student sports and health camps.

«MUK» NCJSC is the first medical university of the Republic of Kazakhstan that successfully passed the certification of the quality management system of the university of educational, scientific and clinical activities for compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001 by the certification body NQA - UK (Great Britain), NQA - Russia in 2005-year. In 2015 it was certified by SGS (Switzerland), in 2020 the university was recertified by the Certification Association "Russian Register" (Russia).

«MUK» NCJSC is included in to the Directory of Medical Schools "Avicenna" of the World Health Organization and the World Federation of Medical Education. «MUK» NCJSC is a member of the Magna Charta Universitatum (MCU), the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), the Association for Medical Education of Asia (AMEA), the Organization for the Defense of PhD in Biomedicine and Health in the European System (ORPHEUS) , The Organization for University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), the International Academy for Educational Development (IAED), the Barcelona Graduate School of Management Association (GSMB), the European University Association (EUA).

Education at the «Medical University of Karaganda» Non-commercial joint-stock company is a guarantee of a stable future!

Welcome to our university!

Anar Akylbekovna Turmukhambetova

M.D., Chairman of the Board-Rector of the «Medical University of Karaganda» NJSC

Quality policy of the «Medical university of Karaganda» NCJSC


Social advancement, improvement of health and quality of life of the population of Kazakhstan by achieving excellence in science, education and practice


A world – class research university serving the benefit of Kazakhstani society

Core values


Academic honesty



Civil and social responsibility

Within the frame of the Quality Policy, the management of «MUK»NСJSC undertakes to:

1)  to ensure a high level of training of specialists for the health care system of the Republic of Kazakhstan that meets the requirements and expectations of the parties concerned;

2)  to ensure the high competitiveness of the university in the domestic and foreign markets of educational services, scientific, clinical and innovative activities;

3)  continuous improvement and modernization of the university infrastructure in order to improve the quality of services provided and reduce the costs of activities;

4)  continuous improvement of the internal quality assurance system in order to increase the satisfaction of customers and the parties concerned .

By adopting the Quality Policy, the management of «MUK»NСJSC declares the basic principles of its activities:

1)  strategic planning and implementation of the university development strategy;

2)  formation of a dynamically developing and successful research community;

3)  satisfaction of consumers (individuals, society, organizations, state) with the quality of services provided  ;

4)  advancement of student council and representation of students in the management structures of the university;

5)  advancement of innovative technologies to improve the quality of services provided;

6)  advancement of human resources;

7)  advancement of corporate culture and quality culture;

8)  advancement and strengthening of partnerships at the national and international level;

9)  advancement of the material and technical base and ensuring the efficient use of resources..

The document is approved by the decision of the Senate of the «MUK» NСJSC

Minutes No. 1 dated October 22, 2019