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Academic mobility
Academic mobility

Academic mobility


Academic mobility – a movement of students or academic teaching staff to another higher education/research institution or clinic (domestically or abroad) with a mandatory transfer credit of mastered educational training programs in the form of credits in your higher education institution or continue studies in other higher educational institution in order to study orconduct research for a certain academic period (cycle, semester or academic year).

 Individual academic mobility refers to the movement of student/professor or employeeto another educational or scientific institution/hospital (in the country or abroad) for a certain period for studying, teaching, research, after which the student, faculty or staff member returns to its basic educational institution. This concept is not associated with a long (more than 1 year) period of study (work) abroad.

External (international) academic mobility refers to the training of students in foreign universities, as well as the work of faculty members and employees in foreign educational or scientific institutions.

Internal (national) academic mobility refers to the training of students and teaching staff of KMU in Kazakhstan universities and research centers.

Vertical mobility-complete education of students, master’s and PhD students for a degree at a foreign university.

Horizontal mobility – an opportunity to teach students in foreign and domestic universities, as well as the work of teaching staff and researchers in universities and research institutions for a limited period of time (semester, academic year).

Academic mobility of students and academic staff of KMU is carried out within the framework of the Memorandum of cooperation, inter-university contracts and agreements.