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Partisipants of CYS

Partisipants of CYS

The structure of the Council of Young Scientists


Chair: AssetIzdenov izdenov@qmu.kz,

Vice Chairman: Aijan Nurgalieva NurgalievaA@qmu.kz

Composition of the Council :

1. Irina Kadyrov (Irina.adilevna@gmail.com) and Dauletkalieva Jania (zhaniya-85@mail.ru)

 - Information Support website KSMU reflect the research activities of young scientists, collection and preparation of materials for the edition of the program , a collection of the Conference of Young Scientists

2. Matyushko Dmitri (Matushko_dn@mail.ru), Dana Amirkhanova Talgatovna (Parvus071277@mail.ru)

- Providing information about conferences, competitions, exhibitions

3. Beysenaeva Anel Rysbekovna (anel_84@mail.ru) and Zhunusov Erzhan Seypolovich (seipolovich@mail.ru)

4. DinaSaginova, sa_dina@mail.ru

5. EkaterinaYukhnevich, yukhnevich@qmu.kz

- Collection and processing of information on participation in conferences, competitions and publications of young scientists (statistics)

Participation in competitions KSMU .

4 . Izdenov Kayratovich Asset (izdenov@qmu.kz), Serik Bakhtiar (Bahakz_32@mail.ru)

- Collection and preparation of materials for the various competitions inside and outside of the institution ( MH, MES , etc.) , and participation in , the provision of assistance in matters of paperwork to participate in tenders for the execution of R & D

Cooperation between universities

5. Kenzhin Zhandos Dautovič (Kenzhin@qmu.kz), Kenzhibekova Sania Boranbaevna (sania_k@list.ru)

- interaction with scientific societies MU CHO universities of the city of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries

6. Evgenia Kolesnikova (kolesnikova@qmu.kz) – Journal Club

7. Kenzhibekova Sania Boranbaevna (sania_k@list.ru) – translation of information for the site to all participants