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«Association of «MUK» NCJSC graduates» public association
«Association of graduates of Karaganda medical university»

About « KMU graduates association »

Association of graduates is a community of likeminded persons who are united by the university history. Graduates are inherent and important part of the KMU development process. In 2014 year, «Association of KMU graduates» was established in our university. Administration board of the « KMU graduates association» includes the graduates of our university. List of initiators of « KMU graduates association » was created.  Chairman of the Association is Tretyak Dmitry Eduardovich. Honor members of the Association are academician of NAS RK – Sharmanov Toregeldy Sharmanovich and all rectors of our university: Dosmagambetova Raushan Sultanovna, Teleuov Murat Koishybaevich, Kulmagambetov Ilyas Raykhanovich, Aliyakparov Makash Tynyshtykpaevich .

Aims and tasks of the «KMU graduates association»


-  Improvement of the university authority at the state and international level, development of scientific, educational and pedagogic potential;

-  Creation of welfare conditions for KMU graduators for the purpose of national unity, experience exchange, implementation of creative and scientific potential of the Association’s members;

-  Satisfaction of social, charitable, cultural, educational and scientific needs of the association’s members, as well as for persons whose activity is directed to the achievement of social goods and improvement of society interests in the field of science and education;

-  Assistance in support and preservation of KMU traditions;

-  Active participation in formation and implementation of state policy in the medical education sphere.


-  Creation of the constant professional cooperation among KMU graduates;

-  Assistance to the KMU graduates in their personal and professional growth;

-  Creation and constant renewal of information data bank about KMU graduates;

-  Assistance in professional training of students ("round tables", master-classes,  conferences, practical trainings, abroad training);

-  Experience exchange and improvement of links with KMU graduates working abroad;

-  Assistance in reinforcement of material and technical base of KMU;

-  Creation and support of the website, allocation of actual news about activity of the « KMU graduates association»;

-  Organization of graduates meetings, carrying out of united jubilee events, organization of corporate meetings and united rest time.