Karaganda Medical University
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Head of the Scientific Research Sanitary and Hygienic Laboratory

Doctor of Medical Sciences



Scientific interests:Medicine, Occupational diseases.

Scientific projects:

-Risk management for promotion of workers’ health who work under the influence of nanoparticles man-made dust (2012-2014, MES RK);

-Sanitary and hygienic researches of working conditions on certification of production sites in ATE, CEW, storage facilities, surveying and geological departments, in security service of work and industrial safety of JSC «Kostanay minerals» (2012);

-Study of the chrysotile content in pulmonary tissue on autopsy of the persons living in Zhitikara and working at JSC «Kostanay minerals» (2012);

-Sanitary and hygiene researches on certification of workplaces under the terms of work at the enterprises SE «Division of Petropavlovs" BSAP "South-Ural railway" MMC RF (2012);

-Assessment of working conditions, the general and professional incidence when developing indicators of professional risk in the main professions of the motor transportation enterprise (ATE) of energy economy of JSC «Kostanay minerals» (2012).



Software complex for the monitoring occupational risk to the health of workers

Ibraev S.A,  Zharylkassyn Z.Z,  Otarov E.Z,  Koigelginova S.S,  Pankin Y.N, Teryokhin S.P,  Kalishev M.G,  Zhumabekova G.S,  Alekseev A.V,  Izdenov A.K,  Kaktayev O.O.

Gigiena i Sanitariya

97(2), с. 171-174


Analysis of morbidity with temporary disability of workers in the ore beneficiation on chrysotile production

Ibraev S,  Alekberov M,  Zharylkassyn Z,  Otarov E,  Tilemisov М.

Georgian medical news

(283), с. 104-108