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Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK (grant financing of scientific


1. AP08857386 “Immunological aspects of neonatal sepsis”. Supervisor –Akhmaltdinova L.L.,

Candidate of Medical Sciences, 2020–2022.

2. AP09058465 “Evaluation of the provision of adequate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

in rural health facilities in Karaganda oblast for an effective response to the COVID–19

pandemic”. Supervisor – Omarova A.O., PhD, 2021–2023.

3. AP09260173 “Adaptive educational environment as a condition for developing flexible skills

of students and ensuring continuity of schooling”. Supervisor – Ricklefs V.P., Candidate of

Medical Sciences, 2021–2023.

4. AP09259923 “Identification of negative effects of complex complex of non–ionizing radiation

on the human body (medical personnel)”. Supervisor – Ibrayeva L.K., Professor, Doctor of

Medical sciences, 2021–2023.

5. AP09259123 “SARS–CoV–2 detection in nasal strokes using MALDI–MS and machine

learning techniques”. Supervisor – Kadyrova I.A., PhD, 2021–2023.

6. AP09260597 “Detection of bacterial translocation biomarkers in early diagnosis of

inflammatory infections”. Supervisor – Turgunov Ye.M., Professor, Doctor of Medical sciences,


7. AP09260954 “Prognosis of bacterial translocation markers as predictors of infectious and

inflammatory complications in acute mechanical intestinal obstruction”. Supervisor –

Kamyshansky E.K PhD, 2021–2023.

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (program-targeted)

1. BR 11065386-OT-22 «Application for the implementation of a scientific, scientific and technical program within the framework of program-targeted funding» Scientific director of the program - doctor of medical sciences Turmukhambetova A. A. (2021-2023)

2. National program for the introduction of personalized and preventive medicine in the Republic

of Kazakhstan. Supervisor – Doctor of Medical sciences, Turmukhambetova A.A., 2021-2022.

Clinical Research

1. Multicenter, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, placebo-controlled phase 2a study of the

efficacy and safety of AMT-101 for oral administration in patients with moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis. Customer - Alimentive Corporation, the Netherlands. Superviser – Laryushina

E.M., candidate of medical sciences.

International grants

1. TIPH Global Grant Program от ASPPH (Assosiation of Schools of Public Health). Заказчик -

Assosiation of Schools of Public Health. Superviser – PhD Omarova A.O. 2021-2022

2. Oxygen requirements and approaches to respiratory support in patients with COVID-19 in lowand

middle-income countries: a WHO study. The customer is the World Health Organization.

Superviser – Edilbaeva T.T., candidate of chemical sciences.