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Dosmagambetova Raushan Sultanovna

Dosmagambetova Raushan Sultanovna


In 1979, R.S. Dosmagambetova graduated with honors from Karaganda Medical Institute. She worked as an intern researcher and laboratory doctor. Since 1984, after defending her master’s thesis in the Institute of general pathology and physiopathology (Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR), she worked as an assistant. Since 1992, she worked as an associate professor of the subdepartment of internal medicine in KSMI. In 1998, she defended the PhD thesis on “Internal medicine” in Kazakh National Medical University. In 2001, she was confirmed in the rank of Professor in “Medicine”. Since September 2001, Raushan Sultanovna is a Prorector for Academic and Educational Affairs. On the 4th of August 2011 she was appointed to the position of the Rector of Karaganda State Medical University.

Professor R.S. Dosmagambetova is fully engaged in the university research programs implementation. Under her guidance ten master’s and two PhD theses were defended. For over 10 years Raushan Sultanovna was a member of the Dissertation Council of PhD theses defense and was a reader and reviewer of thesis researches. R.S. Dosmagambetova is an editorial board member of “Medicine and Ecology” magazine of Association of medical education in Europe.

Since 1995, she is a general physician of higher category, the health official, an independent accredited expert of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan Republic. For many years Raushan Sultanovna is a member of the Public Health Department Board of Karaganda region and the member of Certification Board for qualification grade conferment.

She is an author of monographs and study guides. Raushan Sultanovna has more than 260 publications and State Registration Certificate of intellectual property.

R.S. Dosmagambetova is the member of People’s Democratic Party "Nur Otan", party curator in the cultural development direction, the member of Karaganda region maslikhat and Vice-Chairman of the Committee for social and cultural development and welfare.

In 2002, for the personal contribution to the health care of the people of Kazakhstan Republic she was awarded the merit button badge «Қазақстан Республикасы денсаулық сақтау үздігіне». In 2005, for the special merits in education of the Republic of Kazakhstan she was awarded the badge "Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan". In 2010, she was awarded the medal «Алтын Дәрігер». In 2011, she got an anniversary medal «Қазақстан республикасының тәуелсіздігіне 20 жыл» and the merit button badge «Ақжүрек» in 2012. In 2013, she was awarded the medal «Ерен еңбегі үшін» for her contribution to the Republic health care system.