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Dear graduates!

Dear graduates!

17 April 2015

Karaganda State Medical University is holding a competition for the award of the title

"The Best in Profession - graduate of KSMU" on the nominations:

  1. «The best intern therapist of KSMU»
  2. «The best intern surgeon of KSMU»
  3. «The best intern pediatrician of KSMU»
  4. «The best intern obstetrician-gynecologist of KSMU»
  5. «The best intern general practice doctor of KSMU»
  6. «The best intern dentist of KSMU»
  7. «The best graduate pharmacist of KSMU»
  8. «The best graduate hygienist- epidemiologist of KSMU»
  9. «The best nurse of the medical college of KSMU»
  10. «The best paramedic of the medical college of KSMU»
  11. «The best dental mechanic of the medical college of KSMU»
  12. «The best dentist of the medical college of KSMU»

The reception of documents is from the 10st of April till 10th of May 2015 year (Room № 130)

The committee holds competition in three stages:

1) test (in CC of KSMU) – mid-May of this year

2) evaluation of the clinical competency (clinical scenario in ECC with evaluation of practical skills) - mid-May of this year

3) portfolio assessment – end of May of this year

4) presentation of an academic project - end of May of this year.



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