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21 June 2016

Dearstudents! 11.07.16- 22.07.16, Department of foreign languages organizes thematic summer language school "Academic mobility of students" for the purpose of implementation of the Work Flow Chart devoted to the development of trilingual education in 2015-2020 in KSMU. Such topics, as "Medical education system in Kazakhstan and abroad", "Paperwork for the academic mobility", "Overseas travel" will be discussed within a framework of this course. The main aim of English learning within a framework of thematic summer language school is the further development of foreign language communicative competence.

Registration to the summer language school is carried out at the department of foreign languages at the following address: Yerubayev Street, 32 (Hostel № 4), room 301.

Registration is being carried out from 22. 06.16 till 04.07.16.



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