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Dear 2,3-year students of “Public Health” specialty!

Dear 2,3-year students of “Public Health” specialty!

02 November 2016

Scientific-Educational  foundation named after Esenov  announced a contest for 10 scholarships for Kazakhstan students for scientific training in the best laboratories of the world during  the summer of 2017 year. 

You may apply if:

You are 2,3-year student of Kazakhstan University;

Your specialization is Public health;

You are dreaming to take PhD courses at foreign universities;

You have research projects and special achievements in these fields;

You want to pursue science and can prove it;

You have a great desire to work and develop science in Kazakhstan;

You have a chance to receive a scholarship and participate in scientific training during the summer of 2017! 

For  this, until  15.12.2016, you have to fill in the application form and bring it to  the Department International Cooperation and Bologna Process along with the  following documents:

- A copy of identity card;

- A copy of gradebook (all sessions);

- A copy of  high school diploma and supplement;

- Copies of diplomas, certificates, scientific work competitions;

- An essay on the topic "I need a PhD for ....";

- Recommendation of a vice-rector or Rector of the University.

For more information, please contact the specialist of the Department Yerimbetova Botagoz Saparovna,  office 331 from 09.00 to 18.00



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