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17 September 2014

The Karaganda regional Museum of arts invites you to visit the following exhibitions:

01.09-01.10 - exhibition of works of artists of Kazakhstan "The pearl of the steppe" dedicated to the city of Karaganda
01.07-27.09 - exhibition of paintings with animated characters

In addition Karaganda regional Museum of arts invites you to attend the following events:1. The exhibition devoted to the 80th anniversary of the city of Karaganda, till 15.09.2014
2. Exhibition "Autumn time" – the whole year

3. "Types and genres of art” from the collections of the Museum - the whole year
The ticket price:Schoolchildren: 50
University Students: 80
Adults: 150

The ticket price of the traveling exhibition:

Schoolchildren: 50
University Students: 200

Address: Bukhar Zhyrau Avenue 76

Phone: 47-54-75



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