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Training in Barcelona

Training in Barcelona

16 June 2016

Undergraduates 1 course of the specialty "Medical-preventive work" I. Beinikovа, G. Zhanalinа and J. Sailau and specialty "General Medicine" M. Bayekeevа, A. Koshanova, J. Nurtazinа, E. Ibadildinovym, N. Mahambetalievа, Sh. Kaunbekovа was carried out on a trip to the academic mobility of medical faculty of the University of Barcelona in Spain.

In our period of study were listened to lectures on the spread of the influenza virus, smoking prevention, statistical data processing, the use of electronic library «Medline», bioethics, epidemiology, health economy.

After class, we spent sightseeing in the city: the monuments of culture and history. We have noted the friendly attitude of the local population to the guests of the city, the quality of water and food.

Beinikova Irina, 1 year of undergraduate education specialty "Medical prophylaxis" 



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