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Young boxers choose a healthy lifestyle!

Young boxers choose a healthy lifestyle!

28 November 2018

The Youth Affairs Department together with the participants of the «Жұлдыз» YHC with the support of the NDP “Nur Otan” branch of the Oktyabrsky District organized a boxing tournament dedicated to the holding of the “AIDS Day”.

Over 40 pupils of secondary schools of the “Oktyabrsky” district took part in the tournament. Competitions were held in the format of the match between two teams.20 young boxers in 10 weight categories on the one side and the same amount on the other.On this day, the most of the participants debuted in the ring for the - first time participated in serious competitions showing everything they learned in the training.

On this day, the doors of the Children’s and Youth sports school of the Prishakhtinsk were open to everyone. Parents of young sportsmen, classmates, friends and just sports fans came to support the young athletes.

Ondas Dzhumagaliyev one of the organizers of the competition, the head of the «Жұлдыз» YHC said: “Young athletes really impressed us: everyone was ready to fight and fought only to win. I will not single out anyone - everyone is great! ”

The «Жұлдыз» YHC thanks the Ogannisyan Suzy (1-029 SM), Ateyeva Sandugash (1-005 SM), Abdumazhit Nurila (1-008 TPP), Dinamzhan Sayin (1-010 SM), Omarov Abdyrashid (1-010 SM) , Saydakhmet Zyliha (1-010 SM), Tastan Zhanel (1-008 TPP), Zhanabaykyzy Saltanat (1-008 TPP), Amangeldiyeva Aruzhan (1-010 SM), Berikbai Kazim (1-005 SM), Chmaev Nursultan (1 -007 SM), Bolysbek Balzhan (2-019 SM), Sagidoldinova Tokzhan (1–029 SM), Abduriyim Ayaulym (1-005 SM), Askarova Ayaulym (2-001 SD), Abzhapparova Aygerim (2-018 SM), Kurmantaeva Tokzhan (3-020 SM), Toleuova Adiya (3-006 SM) and Omirzak Nursulu (1-008 TPP) for the assistance in conducting the competition.

   The Youth Affairs Department



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