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Olimpic Entrepreneurial Games

Olimpic Entrepreneurial Games

07 December 2018

On November 28 and 29, Astana hosted the MeetUp Astana - Olimpic Entrepreneurial Games, which was attended by the teachers Alma Zulfukharovna Muratova, Bakhyt Bayanovna Rysbekova and the teams of students who won the qualifying round in the Regional EntrepreneurialWeekend of ERG and AlmaU.

At the event in a format of anti-conference such topics as creative and social entrepreneurship, “disruptive” innovations, the creation of a personal brand and a business community were discussed. Guest speakers actively shared their knowledge, experience and answered the questions from participants.

It is worth noting that the students of KSMU: Iskandar Afizov, Sabina Gofman, Zhanerke Duysenbayeva, Azat Yerzhanov, Azamat Zhanalin, Azamat Kakenov, Nuray Kalmukhanbetkyzy, Alexandra Kim, Nikita Savin, Daulet Ybyray won an internship in the international group of Eurasian Systems Group companies.

Sabina Gofman, vice-captain of the Enactus KSMU оf public relations team.



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