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«Nursultan Nazarbaev-The Nations Leader»

«Nursultan Nazarbaev-The Nations Leader»

14 December 2018

On November 29, the Department of Morphologyand physiology organized a concert with the participation of first-year students in honor of the Day of the first President celebration. The purpose of this event is to foster a sense of patriotism, the realization of the “Ruhani Zhangyru” program: To instill the love to languages, respect for the people living in Kazakhstan. The concert was opened by reading reports in three languages ​​on the topic: Biography of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the concert, first-year students performed Kazakh national music “Balbyrauyn”, and various musical numbers on patriotic subjects. At the end of the concert, the read of the department: Karibzhanova Roza Toketayevna gave a congratulatory speech and thanked the participants of the concert.



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