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«Lingua Latina» language club

«Lingua Latina» language club

14 December 2018

In 2018 at the Russian language department the «Lingua Latina» language club started working. At the first meetings, students mastered the skills of pronunciation and reading, setting accents in Latin words. The head of the club, the candidate of Philological Sciences D.V. Sizov plans to study, comprehend, analyze the basics of anatomical, clinical, pharmaceutical terminology during the year in the absence of the «Latin Language» discipline in the curriculum. No less significant for the medical student is the cultural aspect in the study of the Latin language, which is planned as part of the club’s work: acquaintance with the ancient culture and the culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The "Lingua Latina" language club is particularly relevant in the aspect of the transition of Kazakh language to the Latin script, because during the lessons the writing skills are formed.



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