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Study tour in factories of India

Study tour in factories of India

06 February 2019

During the period from Jan 11 to Jan 21, Karaganda Medical University organized educational practice in pharmaceutical manufactures of the Republic of India for students of «Technology of Pharmaceutical Production» within the academic mobility program.

We were introduced to pharmaceutical manufactures such as East African Remedies India Overseas, Pure&Cure Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Pontika Aerotech Ltd., Higlance Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. specializing on production of varied types of prepared medicinal forms.

During the internship, we consolidated knowledge of the process along with the equipment of pharmaceutical production, the technology of prepared medical forms, the equipment for packing and packaging pharmaceutical products and also international standards and control of medicines quality.

For us, this educational practice is an unforgettable life experience. We advise to all students to try themselves and not be frightened of strict criteria and limited number of places.

Today all students have marvelous chance to have an educational practice in the Republic of India and enhance knowledge in the field of the pharmaceutical products. Therefore, this is a great motivation for students of KMU.

We are thankful to all employees as well as directors of factories for opportunity, for goodwill, for the highest level of organizing such an amazing practice for us, for responsible attitude to cooperation and willingness for qualified result.

We express our deep gratitude to the rector of Karaganda Medical University – Raushan Sultanovna Dosmagambetova, Vice-Rector – Anar Akylbekovna, Turmukhambetova, Moldir Saparova from the Department of International Cooperation, headgroup Dinesh Kumar and Doctor Manodj Sharma, and Doctor Rajat Bramhin and Doctor Darshan Kumar for experience and an opportunity to visit the Republic of India.

Sincerely, your students, masters and doctors of «Technology of Pharmaceutical Production».



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