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Dialogue with the theologian

Dialogue with the theologian

13 February 2019

Students meet with representatives of the clergy, religious scholars and officials of the Department of Religious Affairs regularly held at the Medical University of Karaganda to improve the religious literacy of young people. Such a meeting was held in the walls of the university not so long ago.

The assistant to the rector M.Onaybekov spoke about the importance of inculcating a tolerant consciousness in the younger generation and forming persistent aversion to any kind of destructive religious ideology. The theologian of “Nurly bilim” M.Tayzhanov continued the conversation with the students. The guest told the audience about the history of development and the basic principles of the Islamic religion, raised issues of non-traditional religious trends and their role in modern society. The speaker tried to develop the cognitive activity of the audience, the ability to analyze, compare information, draw conclusions.

The audience was shown a video about Kazakhs who went to foreign countries to participate in hostilities, as well as a presentation about books that are not recommended to read and photographs of Islamists who cannot be listened to.

Work on the formation of immunity to a destructive religious ideology and respect for the laws, traditions and customs of a secular state continues at our university.

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