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Academic mobility in «Astana Medical University»

Academic mobility in «Astana Medical University»

26 February 2019

Within the framework of the academic mobility program Associate professor of the department of internal diseases No. 1 Aiman Zhussupova worked at JSC «Astana Medical University» at the department of internal diseases No. 1 from the 8th till the 21st  of February.

In accordance with the thematic plan on the «Basics of internal diseases» module in the «Hematology, Nephrology» and «Cardiology» blocks, practical classeswere conducted among students of the 4th course.Teaching was formed from a combination of traditional and active teaching methods with a focus on unlocking the potential of students, the manifestation of their creative capabilities.

Working with patients in specialized departments of theNo. 1 city hospital in Astana was the best method for mastering the professional competence of a doctor.During the clinical analysis, elements of interactive learning with the identification of syndromes and symptoms (patient's problems), an explanation of the mechanisms of their development, the compilation of an algorithm for differential diagnostic search of the leading syndrome, and the interpretation of physical and laboratory-instrumental research methods were used.



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