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The patient-centered approach in the treatment of acne

The patient-centered approach in the treatment of acne

26 February 2019

Karaganda hosted a highly specialized Congress for dermatologists and dermatocosmetologists, dedicated to the most common and multifaceted dermatological disease – acne.

  More than 100 dermatologists and dermatocosmetologists from all regions of Kazakhstan took part in the Congress.

  The organizer of the Congress Besplemyannaya K. D. provided the opportunity for extensive discussion of the problem of acne treatment with medical doctors of various affiliated specialties – endocrinologists, infectious disease specialists, gastroenterologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, urologists-andrologists, immunologists, therapists. 

  The speech of associate Professor of the Department of Medical Psychology and Communication Skills of NC JSC MUK, infectious diseases doctor, immunologist-allergist A.A. Knaus was devoted to a special aspect – patient-centered approach to solving acne.  Patients with acne are often desperate, pessimistic and depressed by the disease, despite the idealistic desire to recover, combined with the lack of real action to change their lives.

  Thus, the creation of an individual treatment program with a multidisciplinary approach and the formation of an internal picture of health and effective compliance seems to be of the same priority as the search for effective medical approaches of acne treatment. "The combined development of these two areas in the treatment of acne is a guarantee of success" – the conclusion of the Congress.



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