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Multilingualism of Kazakhstani culture

Multilingualism of Kazakhstani culture

28 February 2019

In the framework of implementation of Rukhani zhangyru – the way to the future” program, the University scientific and practical conference of young scientists entitled “Rukhani zhangyru is the mechanism of modernization of scientific and social consciousness of youth” was held by the Foreign Languages Department of Karaganda Medical University. 

  The issues of contemporary Kazakhstani culture in the global world, condition of students’ language background, and problems of education in Kazakhstan were discussed by participants. They were reflected in the reports prepared by following students: G. Berikbay, Z. Ospanova, I. Zhumageldykyzy, B. Kaiypkanova, Y. Akhmetov, Asif Hussain.

The section “Contemporary Kazakhstani culture in the global world” worked on the problems of developing the spiritual culture of our country in the context of the world civilization. V. Kraus, A. Merkutova, A. Nurzhanuly spoke about this in their reports. 

A lively discussion about the current state of language training for modern students took place in the 2nd section «Contemporary condition of students’ language background". In their speeches A. Kamzina, S. Nogai touched upon the problems of the trilingual education, the uniqueness of a three-lingual person, not to mention traditional bilingualism. The issues of the educational process were discussed as well. Genuine interest was caused by the reports of following students: A. Rakhimbayeva, I. Bazylbekova, Y. Totmina, N. Savin.

The high level of reports, as well as their successful presentation speak for   the systematic collaboration of students and teachers of the department. 



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