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«Eco-poof» reached the final

«Eco-poof» reached the final

01 March 2019

"Ecology has become the loudest word on earth, louder than war and the forces of nature ..."

V.G. Rasputin, writer

 Astana Hub hosted the semi-final of the “3.2.1-Start” project, at which Timur Korobeinikov, the captain of the EnactusKMU team, presented the Eco-poof project. The jury liked the idea of ​​soft ottomans on a plastic base, and the project made it to the finals.

 It is difficult for our contemporaries to imagine a life devoid of the benefits of civilization. Over the last century, mankind has stepped far forward. People use the resources of the world around them in their everyday life and production, often without thinking about the consequences.

Since 2015, CCI has been actively implementing the “3.2.1-Start” project, aimed at supporting youth initiatives to address specific social and environmental problems in the regions of the country.

Sabina Gofman, vice-captain of the Enactus KMU оf public relations team.



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