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In support of donation

In support of donation

05 March 2019

Participants of the  KazMSA international association of medical students of the Medical University of Karaganda visited the Regional Blood Center, where they became blood donors for people in need.

A donor is a person who gives his blood, and with it health to the patient, life to the dying. Today, blood and its components are necessary for burn and injury victims, in large volumes they are required for complex operations, difficult labor, to maintain the lives of people with cancer and hemotological diseases, such as leukemia and hemophilia.

Most people are afraid to donate blood, but not our students. They know that donation is safe for the donor. Before blood donation he undergoes a thorough examination, and during the procedure the medical staff uses only sterile equipment: disposable needles, syringes, hemacons. A small amount of blood can be decisive for the recipient, so it is not necessary to be a superman to save someone's life.

Al’mira Temirkhan



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