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Reading students

Reading students

11 March 2019

“Learn and read. Read books serious. Life will do the rest. ”

F.M. Dostoevsky

Reading contributes to the development of empathy, the ability to empathize. This skill is especially needed by medical professionals. Future doctors of Karaganda Medical University, including those who master social entrepreneurship in the Enactus student team, aimed at improving the quality of life of people, pay considerable attention to fiction and are actively involved in the weekly online contest "Read with Enactus KMU". We hurry to announce the names of the next winners: Aizhan Malikova, Azamat Kakenov, Aiganym Bolatbekova, Nazerke Orynkhan, Bulbul Yeraly, Mukhiddin Kadyrov.


Sabina Gofman, vice-captain of the Enactus KSMU оf public relations team



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