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Towards the dream

Towards the dream

15 March 2019

Want to start traveling, but do not know how? Want to learn about countries and choose the perfect route for yourself? Do you want your childhood dream of a world tour come true?

All this was discussed at the training, which was conducted by representatives of the Kazakhstan Association of Medical Students KAZMSA. The format of the work was built in the manner of “Where is the logic?” show with the elements of the “Erudite” game.

At the first stage, participants played the “KAHOOT”, where they answered the most unexpected questions. At the second, the guys guessed the countries by emojis, and at the third stage, the leaders of each team were given tasks related to the capitals of the countries of the world. In conclusion, each team made a map of routes from 10 countries and identified one where they would like to go.

All participants of the training were awarded with sweet prizes and fake tickets.

Al’mira Temirkhan



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