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Darts - for dear ladies

Darts - for dear ladies

19 March 2019

On the basis of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport of Karaganda State University named after Buketova E. A are held competitions in bullet shooting among female students of higher educational institutions and colleges of Karaganda. Competitions dedicated to the memory of heroes of the Soviet Union A. Moldagulova and M. Mametova. Karaganda Medical University was represented by a team of girls studying at the military department, in the following composition

Team number 1 - Bisaliyeva D.K, Rymtaeva M.S, Niyazkhanova D.B;

Team number 2 - Syzdykova K.T, Sezdova A.M, Amanzhan A, Zhakan Zh.K ;

Team number 3 - Kern N.V, Abyleva A.B, Akizhanova B.A, Perehodyuk E.A.

The girls competed in two kinds of sports: bullet shooting and darts.

Competitions were held at a high competitive level, all participants aspired to win. Despite of this, the team of the Karaganda Medical University ranked 3rd in the uphill battle, and in throwing darts ranked 1st team place. Competitions were held under the auspices of the Department of Defense Affairs of the Karaganda region.

Congratulations to our girls,

Employees of the military department!



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