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In team interaction

In team interaction

28 March 2019

Teachers Menshova Y.P. and Kapasheva A.S. of the “Informatics and Biostatistics” department visited “Bolashak” Academy as part of the academic mobility program. Lessons of «Information and communication technologies» discipline were held for the 1st year students of "Pharmacy" and "Finance" specialties.

The classes were conducted through active learning methods using the Moodle platform, in particular, at moodle.qmu.edu.kz. The atmosphere of goodwill, pedagogical insistence and mutual assistance contributed to the formation of students’ positive motivation to the solid assimilation of educational material.

According to students, the implementation of practical and test tasks on the Moodle platform allowed us to develop self-development and self-improvement skills, which will serve as the basis for the formation of professional competencies in the future.

For the first time, students of the “Bolashak” Academy were trained in the case-study method, solving situational problems. As students note in the feedback questionnaire, the complexity of this active learning method is to apply the obtained theoretical knowledge to analyze the task, select practical solutions and their algorithms, and in conclusion to be able to choose the best solution.

But, despite the difficulties, the guys coped with the tasks perfectly, provided reports on the reports’ protection in the form of demonstration materials and the development of communication skills and interaction between teams.



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