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Say “NO” to tuberculosis!

Say “NO” to tuberculosis!

29 March 2019

On March 27, 2019, activists of the KSSU of the HLS sector of the school of public health and pharmacy held an intellectual game called “Mycobacterium tuberculosis” dedicated to the World Fight Against Tuberculosis Day. The main goal of the event is to increase students' awareness of tuberculosis prevention, stimulate interest in this problem, and foster a responsible attitude to their health.

  According to the draw, all participants were divided into 3 teams. To win the coveted points, each team needed to demonstrate their entire erudition, knowledge, will to win in order to go through all 4 stages: “Own game”, "Who will take a million", "Crossword", "Puzzle".

  According to the results of the game, the decision of a competent jury composed of: Deputy Dean of the School of Public Health and Pharmacy Kamarova Aisulu Makashevna, President of the Student Republic Samruk Afizov Iskander, Head of the KSSU School of Public Health and Pharmacy Bondareva Anastasia, Head of the Healthy Life Sector Smaylova Kenzhegul, Activist of the Healthy Life-Line Sector Sakenova Dinara. The intellectual game “Mycobacterium tuberculosis” was awarded with diplomas of I, II, III degree and encouraged with tasty gifts. The organizers were given letters of appreciation from the school of public health and pharmacy in organizing the intellectual game Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

  The organizers of the intellectual game: Madiyarova Asylim, Mukhametzhanov Madiyar, Sidihov Rasul, Orymbay Asemgul, Shermuhammedova Zhansaya, Zarema, Turdygaliev Sanzhar, Anikeeva Anastasia, Sakenova Dinara, Abdulladi Alisher, Aydakeshov Baymurad.

  Head of the healthy lifeline sector: Smailova Kenzhegul



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