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Continuity of generations

Continuity of generations

29 March 2019

« I graduated from Karaganda State Medical Academy, studied under the program "Bolashak". The diploma, which we received in Kazakhstan, was quoted everywhere. Its value depends on you", - says well-known in the Republic neurosurgeon Berdikhodjaev Mynzhylky Sailauovich, which became one of the winners of the project "100 new faces of Kazakhstan".

Within the framework of "Jaztar Forymy-2019", organized by students @sdf_kaznmu, a historic event was held – a meeting of two generations: future doctors with M. S. Berdikhodjaev.

Students of KMU: Aimbetov, Usenov, Sailau, Aidarbekova were lucky to participate in the operation named "Arteriovenous malformation" conducted by the doctor, after which they were able to ask him a couple of questions of interest to them, in particular, related to the importance of doing science.

According to Mynzhylky Sailauovich, the study of scientific articles, projects will give an opportunity to become professionals of a new generation of medical workers and a deep understanding of the area where they work. M. Berdikhodjaev has conducted more than 2500 high-tech operations on the vessels of the brain, now he is the head of the сenter of surgery in the Central clinical hospital in Almaty.

Students of @sno_kmu are very grateful for the very warm meeting and spent time @mynzhyl. We wish you good health and success in your work.

After the meeting, students and graduates exchanged contacts. It marked the beginning of the succession of generations.



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