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Youth Entrepreneurship in Medicine

Youth Entrepreneurship in Medicine

01 April 2019

The round table " State support for entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan " with the participation of the initiative students of different speciality and teachers of Department of History of Kazakhstan and the socio-political disciplines L.K. Magzumova and A.A. Akhatova on the subject “Basics of Entrepreneurship” and “Basics of Economic and Legal Knowledge” ​​was heldon the 28th of March.

The round table was attended by the winners of the republican scientific conferences (moderator: Abukarіm Zhibek, speakers: Alіmzhan Zhansaya, Raybaev Adіlet, Toregeldin Zhunys) and students of the 1st course of the 1-002 group of "General Medicine" specialty. The round table was visited by  the head of the youth affairsdepartment  of our university Ungarbaeva A.A., specialists of the department, head and teachers of the department, teachers of the university of our region.

The main objective of the event is to expand the knowledge of young people in the field of entrepreneurship, exchange ideas in the field of economics, contribute to the entry into 30 leading developed countries and establish links with innovative entrepreneurship in the field of medicine.

In the field of entrepreneurship, special attention is paid to the fact that the priority of human life is not the number of patients, but the quality of treatment.  The problem of entrepreneurship development, which is leading in the modern digital economy, was analyzed.

At the round table, each student’s report was followed by questions on the topics, material, spiritual, legal difficulties that entrepreneurs have when starting small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan. In addition, youth entrepreneurship has been carefully studied in programs and organizations of start-ups, incubators, state support for entrepreneurship.

During the analysis, the students' entrepreneurial interests were respected. They received answers to their questions. At the end of the event, Ungarbaeva Aigul Amanzholovna, head of the youth affairs department of our university, thanked all the participants and suggested that medicine entrepreneurship is in the hands of young people who effectively use government programs.

Head of history of Kazakhstan and socio-political

disciplines Department  K.A.Temirgaliyev 



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