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«Nauryz meiramy» - bright holiday of spring!

«Nauryz meiramy» - bright holiday of spring!

03 April 2019

Nauryz – is a spring holiday, when everything comes back to life and nature starts to renew. Nauryz considered being the beginning of the year in the east. Nauryz – is the day of equinox which symbolizes friendship and equality of all nations around the world. This event demonstrates traditions and customs of eastern nations. Annually our department celebrates this incredible event, dedicated to the Nauryz holiday. The staff as one family takes active participation in the celebration of the holiday.

Anatomy block’s employees of morphology and physiology department carried  out – “Tusau keser”. Tusau keser is the ancient custom dedicated to the first steps of the baby, by cutting the rope in his feet. This custom is held when young baby attempts to make his first steps. Custom was made to the one of the baby of the anatomy blocks worker, and it should be mentioned that  after that the baby  ran without tripping on the next day. Rope was cut by the assistant of the professor Karibzhanova R.T., she also gave Bata - the farewell words to the baby, and wishes to be smart, strong, active, sturdy, purposeful and in addition wished him all the best in his life and the luck in his future.

The traditional holiday meal was prepared and set on the table. Main traditional dish on the table was “Nauryz-Kozhe”.  In the end of the concert program everyone could taste delicious baursaks, kumys and other sweets.

Anatomy block’s employees of morphology

 and physiology department.



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