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Research Skills in Detail

Research Skills in Detail

08 April 2019

For the development and consolidation of the skills of conducting a research-and-scientific activity in the framework of the educational program at the Department of Emergency Medical Services, the head of the Department A.R. Alpysova  held a lesson on science-oriented learning among interns of GP 7-107,7-099, 7-075 groups. The students reported the results, both conducted during the cycle and the research they had performed earlier, and the technology of independent and team scientific research was worked out. During the discussion, the stages of research, the degree of their implementation on the example of the reported student research projects, typical errors and ways to eliminate them at the planning stage of the study were analyzed. 

The issues of statistical processing, searching for articles in databases and assessing the reliability of the data presented in them were also raised. 

Special attention was paid to the importance and possibilities of conducting a research search in the practice of general practitioners and ambulance workers as a tool for developing critical thinking and preventing professional burnout. 

The reports provoked a lively discussion among students and teachers. 

In the conditions of an avalanche-like growth of information and its constant change, the requirements for the ability of the doctor to independently master the new literature, to possess the skills of its search and critical evaluation, increase. 

This lesson allowed us, graduates, to take a fresh look at the possibilities of collecting and analyzing scientific information, presenting our own research, and clearly demonstrated the advantages of a scientific approach to learning for the further application of research skills in practice.



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