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«International Dental Show 2019»

«International Dental Show 2019»

10 April 2019

We are the students of Karaganda Medical University, consisting of 11 people, from March 10 to March 21 traveled to the European countries under the "Modern Technologies in Dentistry" educational program. Also we visited the World Dental Specialized Exhibition "International Dental Show 2019", which took place in Cologne, Germany. This exhibition was dedicated to digital stomatology. There were 11 pavilions, each of them held master classes on specific topics. We were introduced to new technologies, techniques, treatments in areas such as orthopedic, orthodontic, therapeutic, surgical dentistry and children's dentistry.

During the exhibition the principles of work of parallelometry and various articulators in the field of orthopedic dentistry were presented as well as the latest technologies CAD/CAM for the manufacture of different constructions. We were impressed by the new dentistry’s inventions: modern dental chairs for people with disabilities, which contribute to favorable treatment of these patients and by the specially created children’s dental chairs with cartoon characters on it. There was the educational seminar during the program in Royal Dutch Dental Association where the questions of dentist’s professional training, dentist’s licensing and support were discussed. We also have visited the company called “EKLER” (Eclairages Médicaux Multimedia) which produces dentist’s equipment. This company makes medical lightings for dentist’s industries including the one’s with intraoral cameras and multimedia functions.

We are the students of MUK, during the trip, got new knowledge in stomatology and determined the new horizons for our professional development. We can confidently say that we will strive to achieve great heights in professional sphere on international level.

Students of School of Stomatology: Ospanova K., Kaniyeva A., Kaltayeva A., Rakhymzhanov T., Polovinskiy K., Galimzyanova A., Konysbek E.



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