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Research and projects in nursing

Research and projects in nursing

12 April 2019

From April 1 to April 5, as part of the ProInCa project, a master class on “Qualitative research and project development in the field of nursing” was held at Nazarbayev University, School of Medicine. The workshop was organized by Medical University of Karaganda (Kazakhstan) and University of Applied Sciences JAMK (Finland).

The aim of the event was to create a joint capacity for nursing researches of medical institutions in Kazakhstan and the teaching staff of medical universities, higher medical colleges and colleges. At the opening, Director of the Department of Science and Education of Nazarbayev University Syzdykova Alma Alibekovna and Vice-Rector for Strategic Development, Science and International Cooperation of Karaganda Medical University Turmukhambetova Anar Akylbekovna welcomed the participants.

As part of the master class, a project was developed for national educational materials for the following disciplines: 1) qualitative research in the field of nursing and 2) development of projects in the field of nursing. The materials will be used in colleges and universities in the framework of academic and applied bachelor and master programs in nursing.

The master class was attended by teachers of higher medical colleges, colleges and universities of Kazakhstan. The group from the CMU presented: teacher of the department of nursing I. B. Meyermanova, the teacher of the department of Public Health A.R. Aytmagambetov, master student of the specialty “Public Health” Zh.M. Kuanysh.

The facilitators were guests from Finnish University of Applied Sciences JAMK:Johanna Heikkilä, PhD, Senior Advisor, ProInCa project, School of Health and Social Studies, Hanna Hopia, PhD, Principal lecturer, Tuija Rinkinen, D.H.Sc (Health Sciences), Senior Lecturer, Alberta T. (Bettie) Oosterhoff, PhD, Lecturer and researcher, Cultural Anthropology & Health, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, School of Health Care Studies, Groningen (Netherlands).

To find more information about ProInCa, please follow us at http://Proinca-nursing.kz and on social medias.

Master student specialty

"Public Health" Zh.M. Kuanysh 



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