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French by Nolvenn Josso

French by Nolvenn Josso

12 April 2019

On April 8, an intern in French language from the University of Poitiers Nolvenn Josso arrived at  Karaganda Medical University. The main purpose of the visit is to conduct courses of French for students and university’s staff. The intern’s visit is organized in the frame of the strategic partnership program with the University of Poitiers.

Nolvenn Josso will conduct classes three times a week from April 9 to May 3 for two groups: Level A1 (beginners) and Level B1 (continuing). The program for the study of French involves the development of the spoken language, watching movies, listening to and analyzing French songs, participation in games.

“I am in Kazakhstan for the first time. As a teacher of French for foreigners, I am very pleased that many students and staff showed an interest in studying it in your university. As far as I know, Karaganda Medical University has been cooperating with the University of Poitiers for a long time, various visits were organized to both universities. I think that knowledge of French will greatly facilitate the organization of mobility programs and internships in the framework of cooperation” - says Nolvenn.



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