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Tournament for intellectuals

Tournament for intellectuals

16 April 2019

On April 13-14, the republican debate tournament «Болашақ жастары» “KMU CUP II” organized in frames of the Year of Youth and the implementation of the «Рухани жаңғыру» program was held at our university.

  Representatives of Kazakhstani universities: ENU named after L.N.Gumilev, KU named after A.Myrzahmetov, Eurasian Humanities Institute, NKSU named after M.Kozybaev , KAZGUU named after M.S. Narikbaev, MUK, KarSTU, KarSU named after E.A. Buketov, KEU, Karaganda Academy of the MIA named after B.Beisenov, KSU named after A.Baytursynov, TIGU, KazUIRWL named after Abylay Khan, KazNMU, SKPU, Boarding School named after N.Nurmakov and KazNU named after Al-Farabi took part in the tournament.

  The tournament was aimed at increasing the involvement of students in the public discussion to formation of specialists of the future of Kazakhstan.

  The debates were held in two stages: the qualifying round and the final. In the Russian league the official format was “British Government”. In the final of the tournament places were distributed as follows:

  1st place: Yuri Kosteltsev (KarSTU) and Tatyana Rovovaya (KMU);

  2nd place: Aikenov Daulet (KU named after A. Myrzakhmetov) and Omirbay Ersain (KAZGUU named after M.Narikbayev);

  3rd place: Nazarov Huseyn (KarSU) and Kusainova Aida (KMU).

  The best speaker: Omirbay Ersayn (KAZGUU them. MS Narikbaev).

  In the Kazakh league, the official formats are “British Government” and “American Government”. In the final of the tournament places were distributed as follows:

  І place «Көкжал» - KazNMU (Almaty);

  II  place “Colosseum” - IKTU named after Akhmet Yasawi (Turkestan) and TIHU (Taraz);

  III place «Шыннан шынға» -TarSU(Taraz) and ENU named after L.N.Gumilev(Nur-Sultan);

  IV place “Nomad 7 de 5” - KazNMU named after S.Asfendiyarov (Almaty).

  The winners of individual nominations are:

  The winner of the youth league: «Детский сад»   - Boarding School named after N.Nurmakov (Karaganda);

  Best speaker: Saparkul Zhansaya MKTU named after Ahmet Yasawi (Turkestan);

  The best judges are: Nurzhan Zhansaya - KazNMU (Almaty) and Amangeldi Diana - KazNU named after Al Farabi (Almaty);

  Қозы көрпеш - Баян Сұлу: Berdіkhan Mukasan KazNMU named after S.D.Asfendiyarov (Almaty) and Kiyanbekova Nesіbeli  KSIU (Karaganda).

  Parliamentary debate is one of the most popular intellectual student movements in the world. Participation in debates develops the skills of critical thinking, public speaking and argumentation, teaches students to defend their point of view, develops their horizons and encourages the acquisition of new knowledge in various fields.

  Fisenko Igor 6-071 SM

  Head of the"INSIGHT" debate club



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