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17 April 2019

Total dictation is annual educational action in the form of dictation for everyone.

The first Total Dictation took place in 2004 as a student action of the “Glum Club” - a creative association of the humanitarian faculty of the NSU. The first "dictators" (from 2004 to 2008) were teachers of the NSU. For 15 years, Total dictation has become a large-scale global event.

The purpose of the action is to unite everyone who can or wants to write and speak Russian.

Total dictation is a social project, driven by activists and volunteers. The organizer of the action is the Total Dictation Foundation (Novosibirsk). Every year a well-known writer creates a unique text specifically for the dictation.

On April 13, the action "Total dictation" was held in 81 countries. Four fragments of the text by Pavel Basinsky were written online and on the on-site grounds. According the organizers, 236284 participants took part in the action, almost 9000 more than last year.

 We note that the Medical University is the only university in the region that has conducted this action at its base, accepting more than 100 people.

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