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As part of the exchange of practices

As part of the exchange of practices

23 April 2019

From 04.02.2019 till 04.13.2019 Ilya Vasilyevich Korshukov made a visit to Voronezh State Medical University. N.N. Burdenko according to the program “Academic Mobility”.

Through that period at the university, Korshukov I.V. gave lectures and held practical and laboratory classes for first-year students of the medical faculty at the department of normal physiology of the Voronezh State Medical University n.a. N.N. Burdenko. Lectures were given about topics: “Methods of microscopy”, “Physical bases of introscopy”.

As an exchange of practical experience, I. V. Korshukov conducted classes with elements of the problem-based learning about the topic “Fundamentals of electrodynamics. Elements of medical electronics.", "Optics. Thermal radiation of bodies" with 1st course students of the general medicine faculty.

Head of the department E.V. Dorokhov and the staff had provide a warm and friendly welcome. They did organize visits to museums of the VSMU, city museums, and introduce sights of the city.

Assistant Professor of the Department of Informatics and Biostatistics Korshukov I.



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