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A platform for sharing experiences.

A platform for sharing experiences.

25 April 2019

An international scientific-practical conference for students and young scientists was held at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands). It was one of the largest forums, which brought together more than a thousand participants from around the world. The guests actively shared the results of their medical research.

Foreign students from the 4th course Mohammed Sohail (4022) and Pankaj Kumar Sharma (4010) has been selected for poster presentations on the topic: maternal mortality comparison between India and Kazakhstan and suicides in India respectively.

Students of KSMU with great enthusiasm prepared for this conference. It was a really great platform for exploring medical ideas, researching and finding new business connections. The interaction between students from different countries not only strengthens their confidence in the future profession of a doctor, but also enhances communication skills. 

The participants also attended the lectures of PhD doctors, where they learned a lot of new things. The program included seminars, games, meetings, poster presentations, and excursions. The guests visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, one of the best museums in the world, where collections of amazing paintings are concentrated. All 5 days of stay in the Netherlands were very intensive and informative.



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