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Lecture for Omsk students.

Lecture for Omsk students.

29 April 2019

Academic mobility a is very important activity of NC JSC « Karaganda Medical University ». It provides setting of outer and inner integrational ties, improving quality of education, progress of scientific and research work among students and teacher staff, developing their professional, cultural and educational levels.

According to academic mobility program`s terms, professor of Morphology and Physiology Department Zhanaidarova G.U. visited Omsk State Medical University from 01.04.2019 till 12.04.2019 where she worked in Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology for two weeks. She read lecture and conducted practical lessons for Omsk students. A discussion about introduction of active methods of learning with title: «RBL. Method of projects (SSC) as a component at the students` choice. Experience of RBL introduction in Morphology and Physiology Department of KSMU» was carried out with teaching personnel. Exchange of scientific information and discussion of modern alterations in educational process were provided with the Head of Department, Full Professor Akulinin Victor Aleksandrovich. Agreement about performing united scientific surveys was also approved during the visit.

The students of medical, pediatric, dental and medical-prophylactic faculties take courses of OMSU at the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology. The Department is beautifully decorated with various visual materials,when students entering the Department they plunge into the world of Histology. Photographs of microscopic specimens and electron diffraction patterns on the topics of general and private histology, cytology and embryology are hung on the walls of the training rooms. On the territory of the department there is a museum that contains unique exhibits on embryology; rare editions of histology textbooks and works of prominent histologists - Maksimova A.A., Zavarzina A.A., Eliseeva V.G .; exhibits of microscopes of the last century. Working desktop of Eliseeva V.G., and his personal belongings were saved. Visiting the museum inspires students to respect for the discipline. Viktor Aleksandrovich conducts a large scientific work, works in the program of grants, participates in scientific conferences and congresses abroad, has foreign publications, trains scientific personnel.

The work of Professor G.U. Zhanaydarova is highly appreciated by the management of Omsk State Medical University: addressed to the rector of our university Professor R.S. Dosmagambetova received a thank-you note.



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