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Master’s degree students’ Internship at Lund University

Master’s degree students’ Internship at Lund University

29 April 2019

From 10th to 20th April 2019, master’s degree students’ of the first year of the "Public Health" specialty Z.M. Kuanysh, T.A. Naydenova, N.A. Myrzagulov, K.K. Elimanov, A.Z. Eskendir, A.K. Rakymzhan, M.N. Zetbek completed an internship at Lund University (Kingdom of Sweden).

As part of the internship they completed a course of biostatistics and epidemiology and a course of environment and sustainable development in the Middle East.

Lectures on biostatistics and epidemiology were delivered by PhD Tusupova Kamshat. As part of the course “Environment and Sustainable Development in the Middle East”, the students were given lectures by  PhD of the Helen Avery Center for Middle Eastern Studies, on topics such as: Urban resilience and regeneration in refugee camps:, Learning to cultivate and preserve local varieties as a strategy for food sovereignty, Land ownership and land use in different parts of the Middle East. A meditation session on the theme “Sustainable Development Skills” was also held.

As part of the cultural program, the students were able to visit the sights of the city, as well as a tour of the buildings of biomedicine, water resources and Middle Eastern studies.

At the end of the internship the students received certificates of internship at Lund University.

Master’s degree student of

"Public Health" specialty Z.M. Kuanysh



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