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"April`s Science Week" in Aktobe

"April`s Science Week" in Aktobe

30 April 2019

On april 22-26, 2019 April`s Science Week, a week of science, took place in ZKMU named after M.Ospanov, where representatives of the Department of Internal Diseases №3 took part. Assistant Tulegenova D.Y. presented the report “Effectiveness of a single check-list” in the section “The concept of Medical Education: New Approaches and Relevant Research”. Interns of the 6th year Sagadin Nazerke, Serikova Assel, Toktamysova Assel with the report “Determination of the microbial community in chronic diseases of the respiratory tract organs during the period of exacerbation” received a first degree diploma.

Department of Internal Diseases №3



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