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"Svoya igra" for cardiologists.

"Svoya igra" for cardiologists.

14 May 2019

Victory Day of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War was and remains one of the most revered holidays in Kazakhstan and in the CIS countries. Since 1992, in Kazakhstan, May 7 is a public holiday, Defender of the Fatherland Day. Following the annual tradition, based on the clinic of “KMU” NCJSC on 05/08/2019 among residents of "Cardiology, including paediatric" specialty of the 1,2,3th course, an intellectual quiz called "Svoya igra” to check the knowledge of the main diagnostic and treatment protocols in cardiology, was held. The event was organized by the resident cardiologists of the 2nd year - Abylkanov Chingis, Yugai Kirill and Makhadiyeva Nazerke, under the supervision of the curator, Director of the clinic of the medical university, associate professor Igimbaeva Gaukhar Tleubekkyzy.  The deputy dean of the school of professional development and residency - Bolatbekova Ayganym Aybolkyzy and doctors of the clinic, were invited as guests.

 The participants of the quiz were divided by lot into three teams. In the first round, participants answered theoretical questions on the following topics: arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure, basics of an electrocardiogram. All teams showed high theoretical readiness, and at the first stage leaders were determined. At the end of round, the resident cardiologists of the 1st year sang the folk song "Katyusha".

The second round was devoted to the protocols of angina, acute coronary syndrome, anatomy of the heart. At the end of round the resident cardiologists of the 2nd year sang the song " Soldier is walking in the city".

Questions of the third round dealt with the history of cardiology, atrial fibrillation, emergency cardiology, interventional cardiology. Among the three teams, the best was the No. 1 team, which scored the maximum number of points. Despite the final results, all team members were awarded with memorable prizes.

In the final, the jury selected the most distinguished participant in each team: in team No. 1 it was Mukhamediya Arailym, resident cardiologist of the 2nd year, in team No. 2 - Yuldasheva Maftuna, resident cardiologist of the 1st year, in team No. 3 - Kanibekova Balzhan, resident cardiologist of the 2nd year. The best resident cardiologists were awarded with a special prize from the curator. At the end of the competition event, the curator of cardiology residents Igimbaeva Gaukhar Tleubekkyzy delivered a congratulatory speech.



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