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Those who are worthy to be the best

Those who are worthy to be the best

14 May 2019

From 03 May to 06 May 2019 an annual contest for awarding the title of “The best in profession – graduate of KMU” took place at Karaganda Medical University. In the competition 20 medical interns who were ready to prove that they were the best in profession took part

The competition was carried out in 4 stages: testing, portfolio assessment, assessment of clinical competence, presentation of academic project. The talented graduates, who distinguished themselves in studing and science, competed for the title.

The first two stages were especially exciting. Participants answered questions about their profile, predicting the development of urinary tract infections in children on artificial feeding, assessment of the variability of glycaemia in patients with type 2 diabetes, endovideosurgery of adrenal neoplasms, comparative assessment of oral and vaginal misoprostol for the induction of labor, etc.

Following the results of 4 stages of the competition, there were determined the winners of “The best in profession – graduate 2019 of KMU” in the nominations:

ü«The best pediatrician intern of KMU» - Zhumadilova Zhibek Aimuratkyzy;

ü «The best obstetrician-gynecologist intern of KMU» - Amanzholova Aigerim Almatkyzy;

ü«The best surgical intern of KMU» - Tashmetov El’yarbek Rozmazhanovich;

ü «The best therapist intern of KMU» - Tashimova Aigerim Kairbaevna;

ü «The best intern of general medical practice of KMU» - Shonay Dariya Temirbekkyzy;

ü«The best dental intern of KMU» - Garifullina Ruzilya Rustamovna;

ü«The best graduate of nursing care of KMU» - Kiryushkina Anastasiya Aleksandrovna.

The awards ceremony of the competition will take place within the festive event dedicated to the Medical Worker Day.

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