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On the patient's route

On the patient's route

20 May 2019

On May 16th, representatives of the Committee for Social and Cultural Development of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan visited Karaganda. After the on-site meeting on the effectiveness of managing socially significant diseases, the deputies, accompanied by the head of the Ultrasonic Medical Center Yerzhan Nurlybayev, visited a number of medical organizations, including the clinic of the Karaganda Medical University.

The Vice-Rector for Clinical Work and Continuing Professional Development of the KMU, Bakhyt Kosherova, together with the director of the clinic, Gaukhar Igimbayeva, led the guests to the departments where the deputies got acquainted with the modern equipment, the conditions for providing medical care and the patients' stay.

The route began with an emergency room, where since the opening of the clinic a triage system has been provided, allowing to sort patients into urgency categories. The guests walked along the “red corridor”, intended for rendering emergency aid, and were interested in the availability of medicines.

The guests could not but be impressed by the equipment of the operating room, the intensive care unit, the endoscopic diagnostic room, and the simulation room. In the simulation room the anatomical table, training models, mannequins and other simulators for future and practicing doctors attracted the attention. Residents of the university are the most frequent visitors to the simulation hall of the clinic, where they improve their skills in using laparoscopic equipment, intubation, and many other techniques.



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