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News of Neurology

10 June 2019

In Almaty May 24-25, 2019 A scientific-practical conference with international participation “Actual problems of clinical, experimental neurology, neurophysiology” was held, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Department of Nervous Diseases of the Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov. The conference included master classes, satellites on modern methods of diagnosing and treating nervous diseases, on improving rehabilitation methods for patients with cerebral stroke, infantile cerebral paralysis, hereditary, degenerative and demyelinating diseases of the nervous system, on optimizing therapy for patients with diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

The report “Modern methods of non-drug rehabilitation: opportunities and realities” was made by Professor Kispayeva T.T., who presented the possibilities of modern non-drug therapy of patients with diseases of the nervous system (translingual stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, BOS-EEG, etc.) based on the «MUK» NCJSC.



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