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Lectures for students and teacher

Lectures for students and teacher

11 June 2019

Academic mobility – as one of the main principles of the Bologna Declaration and one of the most important areas of international activity contributes to improving the quality of education, the effectiveness of research, improving the management system, the establishment of external and internal integration relations of the University.

From 24 to 30 of may, 2019, Head of the Department of General medical practice №1 NPJSC MUK, c.m.s.,an associate Professor Omarkulov Bauyrzhan Kadenovich conducted classes in the framework of academic mobility in the discipline "Family medicine" with students of the 5th year of the medical faculty of the Avicenna Tajik State medical University and got familiazed with the work of the Department of family medicine №1 (head of Department of  MD, Professor D.A. Kadyrov).

For 6 days,lectures and workshops in accordance with the thematic plan and schedule of classes were held. Problematic lectures were given on topical issues of cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology, and endocrinology and sub-indicative medicine, which caused great interest among students and teachers of the department.All types of classes were rich and interesting, stimulating students' cognitive activity.

In the framework of the program of academic mobility Omarkulov B.K. visited Health House No. 2 and No. 10 in Dushanbe, which are the clinical bases for the ATSMU Department of Family Medicine No. 1, familiarized with the work of medical organizations, the work of family doctors and family nurses. Also he met with the National coaches of Tajikistan on family medicine (R. Rasulov, Rakhimova D.) and discussed the issues of safe motherhood and implementing IMCI.

On may 24, 2019 B. K. Omarkulov attended the meeting of the Dissertation Council of ATSMU on specialty "Oncology".

Thus, academic mobility is important for the personal development of faculty, it fosters respect for diversity and provides an opportunity for cultural enrichment.

Head of Department, c.m.s., professor B. K. Omarkulov



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